I Am Calm & Strong: Snowflake Obsidian & Aquamarine Mala Necklace

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  • I am calm and I am strong. A natural gemstone mala necklace that emanates calmness, peace, strength and stress relieving energy.These mala beads are designed with unique black Snowflake Obsidian and gorgeous blue Aquamarine. Each bead is strung one by one with silver accents using a beading wire. This style of a mala necklace offers unmatched longevity and durability. A perfect choice for anyone with active lifestyle and all the mamas out there! A beautiful reminder that you have all the peace and strength you need already within you.

    Choose a silver or gold option. Add a toggle clasp and wear your necklace doubled! The clasp will be added next to the small Lotus charm. The no clasp version is a classic mala necklace (a continuous loop).

    I am calm and I am strong. I have control over my thoughts. I have control over my feelings. With each exhale, I let go of anger, fear and self-doubt. My life experiences help me grow. I am strong enough to handle anything. I am on the right path. Peace is within me. Strength is within me.
    (Mantra card included)

    : : ENERGY : :
    calmness · strength · protection · balance · spiritual awareness · emotional healing · clarity · negativity shield · calming worries and fears · courage · stress relief · harmony

    Seed of Life is a sacred geometric symbol at the heart of Flower of Life. In nature, seeds hold entire blueprints for life and when the time is right, a beautiful tree can grow out of a tiny seed. Similarly, Seed of Life is at the beginning of all existence and offers insights into life’s true meaning and purpose.

    Lotus is a symbol of purity, rebirth, spiritual awakening and beauty. The lotus flower grows in darkness and as it rises towards the light and above muddy water, it emerges as a beautiful and perfectly pure blossom. This growth/transformation symbolizes perseverance, purification of the soul and enlightenment.

    : : MISHKA’S PROMISE : :
    Handmade in USA since 2013 :: All Mishka Samuel jewelry is designed and meticulously handcrafted by Mishka in Orange County, California.
    High quality gemstones :: Genuine + handpicked A - AAA grade gemstones and crystals.
    Expert craftsmanship :: Every bead is hand selected for its natural beauty and strung one at a time on a strong beading wire that is durable yet soft. This mala necklace construction offers unmatched longevity and durability while maintaining a beautiful drape.
    Charged crystals :: All jewelry is energetically cleansed and charged before shipping.
    Meditation guide :: Easy step-by-step beginners guide is included.
    Gift ready :: All Mishka Samuel jewelry comes gift wrapped in a jewelry pouch and a jewelry box. A detailed description of healing properties of each crystal is included in the gift box.
    One of a kind :: Mishka Samuel jewelry is made with natural gemstones. Please expect slight variations in colors and patterns. I promise you that each mala is truly unique and beautiful. Join 10,000+ happy customers with confidence.

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