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I Am Confident & Motivated: Red Tiger’s Eye & Citrine Mala Necklace

  • I am confident and I am motivated. A gemstone mala necklace designed with intention to help you boost confidence and increase motivation in your daily life. These mala beads are created with beautiful natural Red Tiger’s Eye and Citrine gemstones. Strung by hand with gold plated accents using a beading wire that offers unmatched longevity and durability while maintaining a beautiful drape. Perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle and all the mamas out there! A beautiful and important reminder that everything you need to achieve your goals is already within you.
    Choose gold or silver option.

    am confident and I am motivated. Everything I need is already within me. I am intelligent, I am strong, I am capable. I am in full control of my life and I can achieve anything I want. I am focused on my goals and I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire.
    (Mantra card included)

    : : ENERGY : :
    confidence · grounding · positivity · abundance · happiness · energy boost · protection · motivation · creativity · adventure · negativity shield · emotional balance · calmness · overcoming depression, fears, anger

    : : LOTUS SYMBOL : :
    Lotus is a symbol of purity, rebirth, spiritual awakening and beauty. The lotus flower grows in darkness and as it rises towards the light and above muddy water, it emerges as a beautiful and perfectly pure blossom. This growth/transformation symbolizes perseverance, purification of the soul and enlightenment.Need help choosing a mala? Read this →