"My mala bracelet arrived on Saturday, 2 days earlier than the expected Monday. She knew I needed her.
Your photos are very professional--lovely, but I didn't expect her to have so much grit. She arrived ready & able to work. The prehnite is a big help every time I put her on. I love the lotus charm, symbolic to me of building a new life from difficulty. The sandalwood scent entrances me, something that's never particularly appealed before. Maybe it's never been real sandalwood before. And your choice of tassels gives her a panache she wouldn't otherwise have. No reason a girl can't be gorgeous while she's brilliant. It takes a true artist's eye to know what to add, & much more importantly, what to leave out.
She's absolutely beautiful.
I was looking for so much more than just a piece of yoga jewelry. I know you make lots of sales, & people want your work for lots of different reasons. It's wonderful that you're putting such high vibration & meaningful pieces out into the world, regardless of why people think they want them.
It's such a supportive & nourishing thing to take my mala practice off the mat & into my everyday life. I thank you from my heart for giving me the means to do that."
~April D.


"This bracelet is so beautiful - delicate and just perfect. I purchased one and had Mishka custom make me another with my daughter's birthstone. She was responsive and incredibly helpful throughout the process, and I received the bracelets in record time! Wonderful product and incredibly helpful vendor - highly recommend!!!"
~Aaryn K.


"Mishka is an Amazing Artist! I have been purchasing beautiful malas from her for a few years and I love every one of them! The crystals are high quality and The workmanship is excellent! She is my “go to” when I want a mala! This one is custom made and just gorgeous! Thank you Mishka❤️"
~Alice R.


"Such an exquisitely made mala!!! I wear it every day and have received many wonderful comments. I have a few malas but this is by far my favourite, I would highly recommend Mishka and her malas. Mishka was more than happy to customise my mala to my own specifications, and was super lovely to work with. Thank you so much!!"
~Rhana G.


"I have to say..I was amazed when I received my Mala! It was more perfect than I could have imagined. The photo did not do it justice (and the photos are wonderful!) I am completely happy with this purchase, and just amazed at how beautiful it was when I opened the package! Mishka was great with communication and even added a lotus charm, per my request, to the Mala! I can't wait to purchase the aquamarine one next!"


"Absolutely beautiful beads, lovely design. I chose the un-tasseled option and like the finish with two cords with two beads each very much. Great workmanship with the silk cord knotting. Anyone who has used a mala with an elastic cord is in for at treat when they switch to a knotted mala. Very happy and already considering an additional mala!"
~Anne S.


"Thank You Mishka! You talked with me in loving presence and then created the Perfect mala for me to give. It's a beautiful mala and the love and presence in the mala itself are a very special gift."
~Elizabeth J.


"First of all, thank you Mishka, for another beautiful and well-made mala. The smell of the sandalwood just brings so much calm and peace when I opened the box. Your malas are a reflection of your passion, love, and a reflection of the beautiful being that is you. All the best to you, and Happy Holidays!"
~Rosie S.


"I love my mala. The packaging was beautiful and the little cards with descriptions of each stone were much appreciated to refer back to again and again. The quality is great and Mishka was easily reached when I had a question about my order. I highly recommend buying a mala from this shop!"
~Molly C.


"Really, really beautiful. It's exciting to be wearing a work of art. The beads are beautiful, the work is super-detailed, and the experience of working with Mishka has been very positive. She's so dedicated to creating a genuinely lovely necklace. Thanks, Mishka!"
~Anne K.


"I was looking to purchase a mala and after finding a couple that didn't quite feel right, I began the great mala quest. As soon as I saw this mala I knew it was exactly what I had been searching for. When it arrived I was absolutely over the moon, everything from the craftsman ship was gorgeous; it drapes perfectly around my neck and fits like it was made for me on my wrist. I could not be happier with my purchase!"
~Laura T.


"Mishka makes the most beautiful malas! She uses TOP quality stones and they are made with love. I won't buy a mala from anyone else. Highly recommend all of her work! I'm hooked”
~Danielle C.


"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my bracelets. I had previously received two from a “big box vendor” and the difference in the workmanship is night and day. The beads on their bracelets are too perfect - to the point I wondered if they were a plastic or resin rather than natural material. Yours are well-crafted but with the imperfections and variations expected in natural materials. I am thrilled with my purchase and will be a repeat customer for life."
~Cheryl S.