Traditionally, mala beads are used during meditation for keeping count while mentally repeating a mantra or chanting. Do not worry if you are just starting with meditation! In fact, mala beads can help you advance your practice faster. Using mala beads in your meditation practice will help you keep your mind focused and centered even if you are a complete beginner. The tactile repetitive sensation of passing mala beads through your fingers can increase your ability to focus on your breath or mantra and thus deepen your meditation. Learn how to meditate here.

When you wear your mala beads throughout the day, you bring constant awareness to the intentions you set for yourself with your meditation practice. Whether it is simply the intention to be more mindful and present in the moment or a mantra/affirmation such as self-love, strength, loving kindness to oneself and others, etc.

How to choose your perfect mala beads? When looking for mala beads that you will truly connect with, consider the following:


It may be as simple as that. The mala you first fell in love with and keep coming back to is likely the mala you are meant to have. Don't overthink it, embrace the ease. If you are drawn to a set of mala beads because they are your favorite color, or you like the design, we encourage you to read about its crystal healing properties... it may be exactly what you need in that moment.


What intentions do you want to focus on? Are you looking to manifest love, strength, inner calm, self-love, abundance or something else? What crystal healing properties would you like to bring into your life? Use the "SHOP BY INTENTION" navigation to guide you to your perfect mala.

Remember, mala beads represent something different to each person. Some people use malas only for meditation. Others wear gemstone malas for their healing properties. While others use mala beads to manifest their intentions and to inspire them on their journey. Our malas are suitable for all of the above. 

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