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I Am Divine Feminine: Moonstone & Sunstone Mala Necklace

  • I am divine feminine. A gemstone mala necklace mindfully designed to help you develop your inner power, self-love and self-confidence and strengthen your connection with the universe. These mala beads are created with gorgeous natural white Rainbow Moonstone and shimmering peach colored Sunstone. This mala necklace is adorned with a beautiful one-of-a-kind Quartz Crystal point. Strung by hand with gold plated accents using a beading wire that offers unmatched longevity and durability while maintaining a beautiful drape. Perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle and all the mamas out there! A powerful and gorgeous reminder that everything you need to shine is already within you.
    Choose gold or silver option.
    Each Quartz Crystal point will be unique and beautiful.

    I am divine feminine. My mind, body and spirit are in a complete alignment with the universe. I am strong, I am intelligent, I am empowered. Everything I need is already within me. I love myself. I am kind to myself. I treat myself with love and respect. I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am divine.
    (Mantra card included)

    : : ENERGY : :
    intuition · healing · abundance · happiness · positivity · calmness · emotional healing and balance · clarity · energy boost · confidence · stress relief · rejuvenation · balance · harmony · spiritual awareness · negativity shield · overcoming depression

    Seed of Life is a sacred geometric symbol at the heart of Flower of Life. In nature, seeds hold entire blueprints for life and when the time is right, a beautiful tree can grow out of a tiny seed. Similarly, Seed of Life is at the beginning of all existence and offers insights into life’s true meaning and purpose.

    : : LOTUS SYMBOL : :
    Lotus is a symbol of purity, rebirth, spiritual awakening and beauty. The lotus flower grows in darkness and as it rises towards the light and above muddy water, it emerges as a beautiful and perfectly pure blossom. This growth/transformation symbolizes perseverance, purification of the soul and enlightenment.Need help choosing a mala? Read this →