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Moon Spell Bracelet - Modern Witchcraft Jewelry

Size Guide
Mala Bracelet Size Guide

Determine your bracelet size before you place your order to ensure your mala bracelets are comfortable and a joy to wear. While many Mishka Samuel mala bracelets come with size options, all bracelets can be custom fitted, free of charge.

How to measure your wrist: Use a soft measuring tape (or a piece of a string and a ruler). Wrap it around your wrist where it bends. The tape/string should be snug but not tight. If using a string, measure the length with a ruler. Write down your measurement in inches. Find the closest number to your wrist size in the table below and choose your preferred fit to get your ideal bracelet size.

WRIST SIZE snug fit regular fit loose fit
5.5" 6.25" 6.5" 6.75"
5.75" 6.5" 6.75" 7"
6" 6.75" 7" 7.25"
6.25" 7" 7.25" 7.5"
6.5" 7.25" 7.5" 7.75"
6.75" 7.5" 7.75" 8"
7" 7.75" 8" 8.25"
7.25" 8" 8.25" 8.5"
7.5" 8.25" 8.5" 8.75"
7.75" 8.5" 8.75" 9"
8" 8.75" 9" 9.25"
8.25" 9" 9.25" 9.5"
8.5" 9.25" 9.5" 9.75"
  • Sync with the universal life force energy! Let this Moon Spell Bracelet hold your intentions when you cast moon spells, recite affirmations and create your own modern witchcraft rituals. Let it bathe in the moonlight every night and feel the magical lunar energy in your body. Harmonize your life with the phases of the Moon, learn the best times for your moon spells and discover its life changing power.
    This modern witchcraft jewelry bracelet is handmade with a natural gemstone Hematite and a gold or silver plated crescent moon charm. Why I chose Hematite for this bracelet you may ask? Hematite has recently been discovered to be present on the Moon. It’s the perfect gemstone to create a powerful connection between you and the Moon.
    Beginner guide to the phases of the Moon and the best time to cast your spell included.
    Choose gold or silver option.

    :: ENERGY ::
    strength · confidence · motivation · protection · balance · peace · harmony · grounding · negativity shieldNeed help choosing a mala? Read this →


  • • approx bead size 4mm
    • approx bracelet length 7"
    • fits best up to a 6.5"wrist
    • custom sizes are available upon request free of charge